Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 1/2 weeks after

It's been 2 1/2 weeks after my botox for my hands. I am so frustrated by this round. It really went into the other fingers. I am all thumbs this go around. I am having a really rough time with it. Having to wear elastic shorts most of the time as I can't even button my own shorts is nice but frustrating. Trying to clean is almost impossible. Eh. How about brushing my teeth. Holy cow.

On another note...
When I went to my neurologist for my botox injections in my leg this time, he mentioned considering have restorative neurosurgery. I am just starting to research it.

Actually he was talking about cutting nerves in my legs. Peripheral Denervation is the term. Not much research out there for this procedure in the legs. Seems like most cases are for spastic tortacollis. 
Interesting concept but kinda scary since it's permanent.


  1. How's your treatment going so far, Tina? Did you go for the Peripheral Denervation procedure? Well, you just have to be sure that this treatment is the right treatment for you. According to some study, this treatment is not advisable for patients if they don't have any physical disabilities or if they haven't failed medical management.

  2. Hi Tina, how’s it going now? It is important to consider the treatment not immediately but thoroughly, before it develops irregularity in your body. Terry is right. Being physically and emotionally fit are always the basic requirements before undergoing any complex surgical procedures.

  3. Tina, before undergoing another treatment, please make sure to consult another doctor. Peripheral Denervation sounds risky. There may be other options aside from that procedure. Remember that, once you go through this type of surgery, you can never take it back. If it fails, there is only regret. So, think about it more than a hundred times.

    Jacinto Hukle

  4. Your neurologist suggested peripheral denervation maybe because he sees it as a better solution. Instead of getting a lot of Botox injections in your legs, he thinks that it might be better for you to undergo this procedure. Usually, peripheral denervation is advised for those who don’t respond well with other types of muscle treatment and therapy.

  5. Sorry to hear what happened after your Botox session. Have you consulted your surgeon about the problem you’ve experienced? From the looks of it, the main problems is that your hands are not used to getting Botox, so they are reacting negatively to the new solution. I think it would be best not to stress your hands too much. That way your hands can relax and get used to the new solution.

  6. Go to a chirapractor get aligned your tremors will stop in your hands, head, and arms. Your neck and upper back is out. Your legs will stop too your lower back is out. Massage therapy will help tight muscle and the pain is the imflumation from being out.