Friday, November 9, 2012

Bad Day

Today has been horrible. On a pain scale of 1-10, i would put today at a 9. This is one of the worst days that I can remember. I have clonzapam and 2- 500/325 Norco's on board every 6 hours. I have been curled up in a tight ball most of the day. Keeping my muscles warm seems to help a little, but little else does. The meds take the edge off but muscles are still so tight.

I have fallen once today and almost fell getting out of the shower. Such a rough day.


  1. I am a dystonia health advocate and may be able to help you. Please review my website and contact me if you would like to learn more how I help people with dystonia.

  2. Massage therapy helps tight muscles. I too use to hurt didn't matter If I sat or stood or laid down I hurt like crazy. I think I have what you have. Never diagnosed with it. I had really bad head tremors that gave me really bad head aches. I went neurologist and they said it stress and wanted to put me on a downer. I did not do it. I went to a chirapractor and had massage therapy and some therapy and I am less pain . I hurt right because I am out of alignment. This nothing compared to what I had. Pain scale was 10. Right at this moment I would say 1.

  3. I believe the condition causes spine to get weak and it comes out of alignment which causes the tremors and pain. The pain is the influmation from being out. Leg tremors is the lower back is out and head and neck tremors is when the neck and upper back is out.